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Peter Schiff

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Chris Martenson

Simon Black

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Tom Wheelwright

12-Hour Video Series

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The future of money is changing … FAST.
Are YOU ready?

The Bitcoin boom is just the tip of the iceberg …

The world economic order is undergoing massive change right now. We’re literally watching it unfold in the daily news.

Yet very few investors really understand what’s happening and why … or what to do to grow and protect wealth during these historic times.

In this 12-hour video series, a world-class line-up of notable experts
will reveal …

  • How and why the U.S. dollar is under attack … and what it means to Main Street investors
  • What are the best and worst investment strategies based on what’s happening now … and where it’s going
  • How savvy investors are preparing to be on the right side of an historic wealth transfer most people don’t even see coming

Peter Schiff

Peter’s a mega-millionaire investor, money manager, and outspoken financial pundit. A best-selling author in his own right, like Robert Kiyosaki, Peter was on record vociferously alerting people in 2006 about the impending financial crisis. Peter’s a popular speaker at financial conferences and hosts his own financial podcast.

Chris Martenson, PhD.

An economic researcher and futurist, Chris is an expert in the relationship between energy and economics. Rising to prominence with his groundbreaking video series, The Crash Course, Chris is a best-selling author and hosts a popular podcast featuring interviews with a variety of thought leaders and subject matter experts.

Robert Kiyosaki

Famous for being the greatest selling personal finance author in history (Rich Dad Poor Dad series), Robert is a mega-millionaire investor in real estate, precious metals, and oil. He’s also an avid student of money, economics, and investing. He was one of the few pundits publicly warning the world about the 2008 financial crisis.

Simon Black

A former Army intelligence officer turned international entrepreneur and investor, Simon’s a worldwide traveler, an avid student of political and financial history, and has developed an eclectic portfolio of investments and business ventures. His diverse experience and global perspectives are practical and enlightening.

G. Edward Griffin

Ed is a renowned investigative journalist and is best known for his epic and controversial book, The Creature from Jekyll Island – A Second Look at the Federal Reserve. Ed has a deep and historical understanding of money, currency, central banking … and a knack for explaining all of it in an easy to understand way.

Kim Kiyosaki

Kim is a high-powered real estate investor, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of Rich Woman. She’s the co-founder of the Rich Dad company and brand, co-creator of the Cash Flow board game, and a popular speaker on the topics of investing, 
entrepreneurship, and empowering women. Kim co-hosts the Rich Dad radio show, and is an avid student of investing, economics, and personal development.

Tom Wheelwright

Tom’s a high energy tax and wealth strategist, a best-selling author, an entrepreneur … and is Robert Kiyosaki’s personal CPA. Tom’s well versed in the new U.S. tax law and will share how investors can use it to build substantial wealth and permanently reduce taxes.

Brien Lundin

For nearly four decades, Brien’s been an active student, investor, commentator, and newsletter publisher in the precious metals industry. As producer of the longest running investing conference in the world, Brien’s one of the most informed, connected, and intelligent experts on money, metals, mining, investing, and economics.

Doug Duncan

Doug is SVP and chief economist for Fannie Mae, which is perhaps the most dominant force in U.S. residential lending. Doug is responsible for strategic research, including how Fannie Mae’s activities affect housing. He’s been named one of Bloomberg / Business Week’s 50 Most Powerful People in Real Estate.

The Challenges

Global debt … and U.S. debt in particular … has reached INSANE
levels … FAR exceeding the rate of real productivity.

The Dollar in Decline

Central banks, led by the U.S. Federal Reserve, have created HUGE amounts of money and credit in an attempt to reflate asset prices. On the surface, it seems to have worked.

Stock markets are at record highs. Bond prices, though softening, have been strong … keeping interest rates relatively low.

But at what price?

Because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, sovereign nations store much of their wealth in U.S. dollar denominated Treasuries … effectively loaning their savings to Uncle Sam.

They do it because they trust the value of the U.S. dollar.

But that trust has eroded over the last several years, with China … the largest foreign buyer of U.S. Treasuries … hinting recently they may slow … or even stop lending money to the United States.

China is the world’s second largest economy (#1 by some measures) with the largest trade surplus. They’ve also been buying lots of gold.

Does this mean China no longer trusts their future to the U.S. dollar?

China Conspiring with Russia

After President Nixon defaulted on the Bretton Woods gold-backing for the U.S. dollar in 1971, Uncle Sam made a deal with Saudi Arabia to sell oil in dollars. This gave birth to the “petro-dollar” and created massive global demand for dollars the world was dumping when the gold-backing failed. Today, Russia is the world’s largest producer of oil, surpassing Saudi Arabia in December 2015. China just happens to be the world’s largest consumer of oil. And guess what? China and Russia have been overtly conspiring to undermine the U.S. dollar … not just in oil trade … but in ALL trade. And by the way … Russia’s been buying lots of gold, too.

Crypto Currency Wars

Meanwhile, people all over the globe have been looking  for their own alternative to the dollar … and they’ve gravitated to crypto-currencies. Unless you were under a rock in 2017, you witnessed one of the most remarkable asset price run-ups in modern history … as Bitcoin exploded into the global consciousness.

Now everyone’s paying attention to cryptos.

Venezuela’s creating an oil-backed crypto. Several private companies have introduced gold-backed cryptos.

Crypto-currencies are now trading in futures exchanges … the same mechanism many gold pundits claim is used to suppress gold prices.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence Bitcoin crashed shortly thereafter.

Time will tell if cryptos will replace the dollar, merely remain a quirky alternative, or end up in the dustbin of history as just another speculative fad gone bad. 

For now, governments, central banks, Wall Street, and Main Street are all taking cryptocurrencies seriously … which means you probably should too.

All this to say the U.S. dollar is under attack … on many fronts.

Of course, if the dollar fails again … like it did in 1971 … will it survive this time and remain the world’s reserve currency? Some outspoken pundits like Peter Schiff and James Rickards are convinced it won’t.

But if the dollar fails, it could mean exploding asset prices (hyper-inflation), sky-high interest rates, and a substantial transfer of wealth.

Chris Martenson puts it this way: There’s no question there will be losses. The only question is who’s going to eat them. Hopefully not you!

The Opportunities

Bond trader John Paulson famously made billions when the mortgage-backed securities markets failed in 2008.

Many people became Bitcoin millionaires … some billionaires … when the dollar effectively “failed” against Bitcoin.

In the wake of 1971’s Nixon shock, gold went from $42 an ounce to nearly $800. Many people became wealthy.

And of course, in the years since the 2008 financial crisis, many people have made fortunes in stocks, precious metals, real estate … even bonds.

The point is that all the potential chaos brewing under the surface is as much an opportunity as it is a threat … for those who are informed, connected, and prepared.

Mainstream headlines give you bits and pieces of the puzzle …
The Future of Money and Wealth helps you put it all together

A Bigger Discussion …

Maybe you’re familiar with some of this … or perhaps it’s the first time you’ve heard about Bretton-Woods, the petro-dollar, or the Chinese and Russian efforts to undermine the dollar...

But if you have wealth …or hope to … and are interested in growing and protecting wealth in the face of EXTREMELY volatile conditions …

… you’re going to need to invest QUICKLY in educating yourself and getting connected to the people and opportunities that can help you.

You can’t just do that on a website, reading books, watching videos, or listening to podcasts. Of course, you SHOULD do ALL those things as part of staying vigilant and informed.

But to REALLY get up to speed takes a MUCH bigger discussion.

And it starts with getting away from the daily grind and soundbite learning, and into a focused environment where you can absorb and process a lot of ideas, information, and perspectives.

The Future of Money
& Wealth Video Series
is all about …

Thought leaders and subject matter experts will discuss and debate how to navigate what may be the most challenging and exciting mega-shift in economic history.

Discover the opportunities in these alarming headlines …

  • Does China plan to use gold to internationalize the yuan? – CNBC 2/12/18

  • Bank of America calls crypto-currencies a risk to its business – Investopedia 2/23/18

  • Russia overtakes China in gold reserves race to end US dollar dominance – RT 2/26/18

  • How China is about to shake up the oil futures market – Bloomberg 2/9/18

  • China about to throw down the gauntlet to the petro-dollar – RT 2/13/18

  • Will the dollar survive the petro-yuan? – 1/14/18

  • Dollar falls to lowest level in more than three years – Wall Street Journal 2/1/18

  • Goldman says stocks may dive 25% if 10-year yield hits 4.5% – Bloomberg 2/25/18

  • New tax laws make experts nervous about state of U.S. housing market – The Street 2/20/18

What’s an investor to do?

You’ll get no-holds-barred actionable intelligence from a huge faculty of well-qualified experts.

A huge collection of well-respected
real-world investors and top investing experts …

Discover what these savvy experts are doing now …
and how YOU can PROSPER in a rapidly changing world

Robert Helms

Robert’s not just the host of The Real Estate Guys™ radio show and emcee of the Future of Money and Wealth. Robert’s also a successful international resort property developer.

Russell Gray

When Russ isn’t co-hosting The Real Estate Guys™ radio show, he’s studying economics, the geo-politics of gold, oil and the dollar … and how macro-economics affects the micro-economics of Main Street real estate investing.

Kathy Fettke

Kathy’s a highly successful real estate investor, syndicator, and investment club leader. She’s also a frequently featured expert real estate pundit in media and at conferences.

Gene Guarino

Gene’s a recognized leader in the residential assisted living facilities investing space. He’s a trained, but not practicing Certified Financial Planner. Gene saw opportunity in solving one of the major problems facing an aging demographic … and grabbed it.

Brad Sumrok

Brad freed himself from the corporate grind in less than 5 years by investing in apartment buildings. The 2008 financial crisis crushed many homeowners … and made many apartment investors multi-millionaires.

Beth Clifford

Armed with a formal education in classical economics, Beth cut her business teeth on the streets of Wall Street. Today she’s CEO of a groundbreaking offshore real estate development and construction company.

Patrick Donohoe

Patrick is a financial strategist and an expert in the unique use of life insurance contracts for enhanced cash management and private banking. He has a degree in economics and hosts a financial podcast.

Adam Taggart

Adam started his career as investment banker and saw first hand how broken Wall Street is. Later, he helped a company go from start up to acquisition in Silicon Valley. Today, Adam and his partner Chris Martenson develop and share ideas to help people prosper even when the world is full of uncertainty.

Damion Lupo

Damion is a modern-day financial renaissance man with expertise in real estate investing, precious metals, and crypto-currencies. He specializes in strategies using alternative assets and sheltering wealth from predators and taxes through qualified retirement plans.

More Great Speakers

You’ll get something even more powerful than just incredibly informative presentations from these experts. We put them on panels. We ask them questions. We let them talk … learn … disagree … and ask each other questions. It’s a chance to be a fly on the wall as these great minds take on the most pressing issues facing investors … and the future of money and wealth.

But you’ll get something even more powerful than just incredibly informative presentations from these experts.

We put them on panels. We ask them questions. We let them talk … learn … disagree … and ask each other questions.

It’s a chance to be a fly on the wall as these great minds take on the most pressing issues facing investors … and the future of money and wealth.

The great idea or warning you don’t hear … can’t help.
Learn what you need to do to protect your wealth!

Here are just some of the hot topics discussed on
The Future of Money and Wealth Video Series …

Asset Prices – Real Value or Bubble Trouble?

No sane person could look at charts of global debt, stock markets, and crypto-currencies and not wonder if asset prices are in a mega-bubble poised to crash.

Sky-high stock markets don’t necessarily reflect a booming economy.

Even a poor, insolvent person or business can appear prosperous with a big enough credit line. But at some point, the bill comes due.

The multi-million dollar question is whether these financial markets are prospering on borrowed time (and money) … or are they driven by solid, sustainable fundamentals?

Our experts weigh in … and reveal not only what they think, but what they’re doing to profit and hedge in a world of levitated asset prices.

U.S. Tax Reform and the Impact on Real Estate,
Business and Investing

The last time the U.S. put through major tax reform back in 1986 … it ended up imploding real estate investing and destroyed the savings and loan industry.

It was a mini-version of the sub-prime mortgage banking crisis of 2008.

Are there any landmines hiding in the latest reform? 

Where is money likely to flow to and flee from based on the updated tax code?

Most importantly, where are the opportunities … and what should investors (real estate and otherwise) be thinking and doing as the revised tax code is rolled out?

Robert Kiyosaki’s personal CPA Tom Wheelwright reveals the good, the bad, and the great!

The Future of Central Banking in the U.S. and World

Since 1913, the Federal Reserve has been the not-so-hidden wizard behind the U.S. dollar.

And in 1944, when the dollar became the world’s reserve currency, the Federal Reserve became the most powerful economic influencer on earth.

Some say the Fed has saved the world from financial ruin on more than one occasion. Others say the Fed is the cause of those very crises it purportedly fixes.

But as China and Russia conspire against the dollar’s global dominance, and crypto-currencies threaten to eliminate the need for ANY centralized currency issuer …

what’s likely to happen to the role of the Fed and other central banks and how will it affect YOUR investing?

The Role of Gold in 21st Century Global Economics
and Investing

Some consider gold an archaic relic and relegate it to the dustbin of financial history.  They say it has no role in modern finance.

It’s true, since 1971, when Nixon defaulted on the gold-backing of the U.S. dollar, gold’s role in international finance seems to have diminished.

Yet those paying attention point out that while Wall Street ignores gold, except as perhaps a gambling chip in their casinos …

… sovereign nations like Russia, China, Germany, and others are quietly repatriating and accumulating gold.

Why would they do this if gold has no role?

You’ve probably seen many television commercials touting private gold ownership.  Presumably people are buying it … or the commercials would stop.

And even though many gold pundits claim gold prices are suppressed to mask inflation, gold has been one of the best appreciating assets to own over the last 10-15 years.

Clearly central banks, governments, and individuals are buying up gold.  Why?

And what does the activity in gold say about the future of paper currencies like the dollar?  More importantly, what is the role of gold, if any, in YOUR portfolio?

The Potential Decline of Dollar Dominance
in Global Finance

After the dollar’s gold-backing ended in 1971, the era of the petro-dollar began.

The petro-dollar is a term used to describe the relationship between the U.S. dollar and global oil trade.

When nations are forced to buy dollars so they can buy oil, it creates demand for dollars … effectively propping the dollar up.

But today the largest oil producer (Russia) and the largest oil consumer (China) are overtly working together to end the reign of the petro-dollar.

What happens to the value of the dollar if global demand dries up ?  What happens to interest rates, the economy, and the value of YOUR savings, investments, income, and net worth?

What steps can YOU take to grow and protect wealth if the dollar’s role in global finance changes?

Crypto-currencies – Fad, Fraud, Future, or Threat?

No discussion of the future of money and wealth would be complete without a serious look at the crypto-currency phenomenon.

Hailed by freedom lovers as a liberator of dependence on overly-controlled and inefficient banking cartels …

… cryptos were first dismissed, then derided, by establishment bankers and politicians as the tools of terrorists, drug-dealers, and criminal money launderers.

Today, major institutions and sovereign nations are doing more than talking … they’re both attacking and embracing crypto-currencies.

China and other nations are attempting to ban cryptos. Russia, Venezuela and others are looking at cryptos as way to evade U.S. sanctions.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Perth Mint and Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint have both announced gold-backed crypto-currencies … as have several private companies.

With so much at stake ...

financial series of the decade…

The information you don’t learn and apply won’t help.

To discover that next great idea, warning, relationship, or opportunity you must put yourself in a position to find it.

We’re bringing in the big brains…  But all of it can only help YOU … if you engage YOUR MIND.

So it’s decision time …

You can click away and hope your financial fairy-Godmother has your back … or that some financial pundit can give you the secret to safety and success in a two-minute sound-bite.

OR …

You can make a relatively modest investment of time and money … knowing just ONE great idea could make or save you FAR more than the price of the series.

It’s your call …


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